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Don’t Expect Daniel Day-Lewis to Join the Frat Pack Anytime Soon

“I’d rather just be a fellow buying a ticket for one of his movies.”—Daniel Day-Lewis on doing a Judd Apatow film [MTV]

“I know I will be burned alive. I’m not coming into it with any great expectations of coming away with great reviews.”—Keira Knightley on her West End stage debut [Contact Music]

“I’ve been in therapy since it happened… Honestly, I didn’t think a thing about it and apparently it turned into molegate. A woman came on to the beach really upset and she said, ‘I don’t know why you did that, your mole was your signature!’ I was like, ‘My mole is my signature?’ And then for the next 15 minutes I couldn’t hear anything people said to me. All I could think was, ‘I’ve made a terrible mistake - Can I put it back on?’ My son tells me every now and then he misses it… I feel like I should’ve talked to more people.”—Sarah Jessica Parker on removing her chin mole [Contact Music]

“I find Aussies to be very, very pragmatic and unpretentious. They’re as good as anyone I’ve seen anywhere.”—Steven Soderbergh on working with the Sydney Theatre Company [Sydney Morning Herald]

“The only person I’m in love with is sitting on my left. I am here on a night out with the boys. The flirting started the minute we met. It was based on mutual respect and admiration.”—Jude Law on falling in love with Robert Downey Jr. [BANG Showbiz via Boston Globe]

“It makes me feel at ease because it’s just like doing it in your living room.”—Catherine Zeta-Jones on having her family in the audience [Showbiz Spy]

Don’t Expect Daniel Day-Lewis to Join the Frat Pack Anytime Soon