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Joe Jonas Is a Blank Slate

“When I was in first grade I did a play about being a crayon. I was yellow. It was pretty amazing.” —Joe Jonas on his early acting resume [MTV]

“We went there to get a feel for the real tropical environment that Jim was going to generate in the computer. But, since we were pretending to be Na’vis, he made us wear fake pointed ears and flimsy g-strings and run around basically half-naked pretending to be our characters. Suddenly, some guy walked around a tree and said, ‘What are you doing here?’ I said, ‘We’re filming a movie.’ He looked over and there was Jim with a little Handycam taking some pictures. He said, ‘Is that James Cameron? Good God, he’s gone a long way down since Titanic, poor guy.’ We had a good laugh over that one.” —Sam Worthington on doing Avatar research in Hawaii [Parade]

“I sang as a choirboy in a local church when I was a schoolboy, but other than that, I hadn’t done any singing to speak of. Rob Marshall convinced me, really against my better judgment, that I would be able to pull it off. I really tried to think of every excuse I could not to do it because I felt he needed somebody else. I think I gave him a few names actually, but he kept saying, ‘No, I think you can sing.’” —Daniel Day-Lewis on doubting himself for Nine [Parade]

“It felt like a giant demolition ball in a way. The impact of it was so hard.” —Susan Boyle on her instant fame [Showbiz Spy]

“It’s important not to be too confident as an actor. I don’t want to get to the set and feel like I know what I’m doing and be very secure. That would really scare me.” —Penélope Cruz on keeping her self-esteem low [Parade]

“We are going to try and get Tiger Woods for the second one … and help him regain his image.” —Todd Phillips will rescue Woods with the sequel to The Hangover [HollyScoop]

Joe Jonas Is a Blank Slate