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Alec Baldwin’s Tendency to Overshare Is Becoming a Bit of a Problem

“The day you brought Stanley Tucci to the set of our film, I hated you for doing that. I thought, what a rude thing of you to do. I was soooo hurt that you did that, because you and he had such chemistry. You were lovely together. It was like bringing your ex-husband to the set. … I was your man in this movie, and you brought Stanley there? My penis telescoped up into my body. You know what? I’m going to do one of those movies like 300, where I’m all muscled up, and I’ve got my boobs all oiled and everything.” —Alec Baldwin was emasculated by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci [Times UK]

“I think he’s so brave and smart.” —Mia Wasikowska says what every girl thinks is too cheesy to admit about Johnny Depp [Hero Complex/LAT]

“I’ve found that doing interviews for films doesn’t end up answering any questions about the films, and it doesn’t really help the films. Usually I end up answering some dumbass question from some dumbass from the Netherlands. I don’t mind the stories in gossip magazines, but I worry when they bleed into legitimate interviews, and that’s been happening a lot recently.” —George Clooney [Empire via Female First]

“I went immediately and looked up Francois online and I said, Clint [Eastwood], this guy is huge. We’ve never met but I’m 5’10”. I told him on the phone and he started laughing and he said, Oh hell, don’t worry about that. I said, Alright. He said, You go worry about everything else … So, I kind of made my little checklist of things I had to do and just planned it out and then I got to South Africa. The very first day, Francois invited me over to his house for a gourmet dinner that he was cooking. He invited me to meet his wife and two boys. Morgan and I went. I just remember I rang the doorbell and he opened the door and I looked up at him, and the first thing I ever said to Francois Pienaar in my life was, I look much bigger on film.” —Matt Damon on being a shorty pants [Suicide Girls]

“I would just grab my daughter and hold her, and I would start crying. She’d be like, ‘Daddy, what’s wrong?’ She just wanted to play. I would try to talk to her about taking care of herself and not talking to strangers. She was three at the time. But, thankfully, I had another movie to go to that helped me get out of that.” —Mark Wahlberg was a wreck while shooting The Lovely Bones [Female First]

Alec Baldwin’s Tendency to Overshare Is Becoming a Bit of a Problem