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Fleet Foxes Guy to Cure Insomnia With Next Album

“As a whole, it’s probably a little bit less upbeat. Not darker — some of it has a more exuberant feel. But some of it is just more realistic … I guess people think we’re already a mellow band, so maybe the next album will be pretty boring to most people.” —Robin Pecknold on the next Fleet Foxes album [Guardian UK]

“Meeting him was vampiric. He sucked my blood. Wait, is he the vampire? He is the vampire, right?” —Rachel Weisz on meeting Robert Pattinson [MTV]

“We actors do want attention. It’s hard to fault an actor who’s having his insatiable need for attention fulfilled because he’ll probably be at his best. It’s that Tom Waits line, ‘I don’t have a drink problem sir, until I can’t get a drink.’ So check in with me when I’m not getting any attention and I might be a different person.” —Colin Firth [Parade]

“I don’t really like gory stuff. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like fake blood; it gives me the creeps. I haven’t really done any movies with a lot of fake blood or anything like that. Emily seems fine with it, which is good because every week she’s around gross things.” —Zooey Deschanel on appearing in one episode of Bones with her sister [Parade]

“Lots and lots of Radiohead. Loads of stuff. I often come back to stuff like Radiohead and Hope of the States for those harder scenes.” —Daniel Radcliffe on getting in the mood for filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [MTV]

“Actors’ faces have to move. Yes, we want to see perfect people but we also want to see people who look like us. It’s just about skin care to me and maybe exercise. I feel I’ve earned my laughter lines.” —Sigourney Weaver [Telegraph UK]

“The basic plot of the show is Pee-Wee Herman — played by myself — wishes that he could fly. Which is kind of taken from real life. It’s a case of art imitating life.” —Paul Reubens on his new stage show [MTV]

Fleet Foxes Guy to Cure Insomnia With Next Album