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Secrets of Na’vi Sex Revealed

It’s a question that’s plagued mankind for more than a week: How do Avatar’s Na’vi — which bore no discernible genitals that we could see, even in IMAX and on a second viewing — have sex? In a recent interview, Zoe Saldana explains that the film’s steamy outdoor mating scene was snipped to avoid an R rating, but it will likely be restored for the unrated, special-edition DVD. For impatient fetishists who must know now, though, they stick their tails together.

Says Saldana:



If you sync to your banshee and you’re syncing to a tree, why not sync into a person? I almost feel like you’ll have the most amazing orgasm, I guess. It was a very funny scene to shoot because there were so many technical things that sometimes you have to keep in mind that paying attention to all those might disrupt the fluidity of how a scene is supposed to take place. And because Jim was shooting for a PG-13 rating, we couldn’t move in certain directions. The motion would look a little too past the PG-13 rating standards. So it was really funny for Sam and me. We had a lot of giggles there.


Alien Sex Scenes Cut from Avatar May Pop Up in DVD [ReelzChannel via Movieline]

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Secrets of Na’vi Sex Revealed