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Steve Martin on His Oscar-Hosting Gig

The Academy Awards are only three short months away, but the show’s emcees, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, don’t seem to be sweating it much. “We haven’t really done anything yet,” Martin told us at last night’s It’s Complicated premiere at the Paris Theatre. Not even a brainstorming session? “It’s too early — way too early,” he said. “And we wouldn’t tell you, anyway!”

Complicated pits a dorky Martin against a roguish Baldwin for Meryl Streep’s affections, but Martin is more confident about his chances for success at the Oscars, where he thinks he’ll have a leg up on his co-host: “I think having done the Oscars before helps big-time, because even though I’d done Saturday Night Live a million times, when I first hosted the Oscars, I was still nervous.” With his experience this year, though, Martin says he should have no trouble topping even last year’s singing, dancing host, Hugh Jackman: “Oh, that’ll be easy!” he said, laughing.

Compounding the Oscar-night pressure on Baldwin is talk of his being a strong contender for a Best Supporting Actor statue for his role in Complicated, but he’s not worried: “I seriously doubt I’m going to win an Oscar,” he told us.

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Steve Martin on His Oscar-Hosting Gig