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Elijah Wood Is So Nice

“I’ve been mistaken for so many different actors, it’s just wild. I’ve gotten Jake Gyllenhaal a few times like, ‘Loved you in Brokeback Mountain.’ I’ve had that. I can’t remember all of them, but Wes Bentley, tons of times, and Elijah Wood. When people ask me for my autograph and say, ‘Oh, you were so great in such and such,’ which I wasn’t in, then I usually just sign the other actor’s name and say, ‘Thank you very much.’” —Tobey Maguire [Parade]

“Speckles is an iconoclast. He is a mole who never really feels like he belongs. He’s a loner who tries to fit in, but he finds it very difficult because of the way he looks and the way he talks. He’s carrying a lot of angst inside because his family was exterminated off a golf course when he was a small child and he wants retribution.” —Nicolas Cage on his character in G-Force [Female First]

“First of all, network television has taken great treads backwards in terms of dealing with sexuality or the body or anything. I mean, now on cable everybody is prancing about naked and whatnot. On the networks, it’s gotten different since I was last making TV. Fox sort of has that reputation for ‘sexy’ or ‘edgy’ or blah blah blah, but they don’t actually want that and it frustrates me. It’s the classic American double standard: torture — great. Sex — oh, that’s so bad!” —Joss Whedon [Chicago Tribune]

“I played an actor who actually got an Academy Award in In and Out. They sent us a real Oscar for the scene, which is practically unheard of. They usually don’t let people just use them as props. Everything went fine until I sort of put it down and dropped it. It fell to the floor and part of the gold peeled off. I was a little taken aback. I decided they sent us a defective one just in case we messed it up. I was like, ‘Maybe Sally Field sent this one back.’” —Matt Dillon [Parade]

“Being able to push a bead on quarter-inch steel and controlling puddle depth. Why? Why not?” —Bruce Greenwood on his proudest life achievement [PopMatters]

Elijah Wood Is So Nice