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This Week in Rap Beefs: The Game Bought Seventeen Copies of 50 Cent’s New Album

So many of the inter-industry squabbles rappers constantly engage in are contrived attention-grabs or embarrassingly petty trifles. And we love them! Starting now, we’ll be evaluating and ranking the attacks from least to most effective. In today’s installment, everyone’s apologizing for stuff.

5. Trey Songz versus R. Kelly
Say What? Earlier this month we directed your attention to R. Kelly’s masterful address to anonymous haters, a message actually aimed at the discourteous Trey Songz. Mr. Songz must have been deeply shamed by Kelly’s elegant YouTube video, because he’s now totally backing off, telling MTV “It wasn’t a beef. It was me telling R. Kelly to take the damn Auto-Tune off his voice, which he did on his album. His album is good.” It sure is!
The Takeaway: Trey, you embarrassed yourself — next time, think twice before you throw a rock at the Sears Tower.

4. Jim Jones versus Jay-Z
Say What? After being caught on video rocking out in the club to a series of jams by his nemesis Jay-Z, Jim Jones explained to Complex that he can’t deny quality music: “I’m boogeying, man. And I might turn that shit up to 40 in the car if I’m moving fast … I’m not giving him props, I just like the music.” Sounds like props-giving to us.
The Takeaway: Not a good look for Jones, even if the last bit of his response — “I don’t give a fuck about him, fuck that n**** and the camel he rode in on” — is hilarious.

3. Killer Mike versus Jay-Z/50 Cent
Say What? We weren’t even aware that Killer Mike had taken shots at 50 Cent and Jay-Z for copying his “hardcore” style.
The Takeaway: Seeing as that claim is utterly preposterous coming from an obscure ex-Outkast affiliate who put his debut album out seven years after Reasonable Doubt, we’re glad that Mike now smartened up and apologized for it.

2. Gucci Mane versus Young Jeezy
Say What? More heartwarming developments in the Gucci Mane/Young Jeezy friendship project. The two originally fell out over money disputes related to their song “Icy,” but made up earlier this month. Now they’re even back to collaborating, with Jeezy doing a verse on the remix to Gucci’s “Heavy.”
The Takeaway: Yay! Nicely done, fellas.

1. The Game versus 50 Cent
Say What? While everyone else is patching things up, you can count on Game to get antagonistic. This time, he’s mocking 50’s lackluster first-week sales numbers for Before I Self Destruct, saying “I tried to help him over that 160[,000 thousand] mark. We bought 17 albums, man. Real talk.”
The Takeaway: We’re pretty sure he’s serious, which adds to the subtle effectiveness of the dig. Game takes the week!

This Week in Rap Beefs: The Game Bought Seventeen Copies of 50 Cent’s New Album