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Week in Review: Like, Sorry Mom

Usually, we spend the first paragraph of our week-in-review post filling you in on the week’s top story. This week, though, we’re making an exception. Back on Monday, we ran what we all felt was an exceptional interview with REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin about many things, chief among them being the new video game that the eighties soft-rock legends have just released. However, none of you seemed to actually read the piece, which broke all of our hearts more than just a little bit. So, we implore you, click through, and read this tremendous piece of journalism. You don’t even need to have attended the University of Illinois to play along!

So, what else happened this week? Well …

• We found out who punched Snooki, everybody’s favorite pickle muncher from Jersey Shore. It was a meathead gym teacher from Queens.
• We thought Blake Lively did a perfectly acceptable, yet nowhere-near-exceptional job of hosting SNL, but domestic-violence groups thought otherwise.
• John Mayer found out he should probably avoid comedy and just stick to sleeping with famous actresses.
• Thanks to the unrepentant use of marijuana, It’s Complicated will be rated R.
• This decade’s one-hit wonders were pretty lame.
Avatar probably won’t be terrible.
• We gave you the deets on J.J. Abrams’s new show.
All hail Mavis Spencer, the new Miss Golden Globe!
• We debated whether or not Natalie Portman is more than a pretty face.
• Adam Lambert explained Simulatiogate.
Fred: The Movie is coming, whether you like it or not.
Disappointing afterlives and gay arm candy got the slideshow treatment.
• Nas is broke as a joke, son, but Mo’Nique just wants to get paid.
• Rivers Cuomo survived a bus crash, but Weezer’s tour didn’t.
• Kirkus kicked the bucket. And so did Flight of the Conchords.
• Former Met director Thomas Hoving passed away.

—Juice Springsteen

Week in Review: Like, Sorry Mom