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Week in Review: We Love the Situation

Jersey Shore gave us a whole slew of new things to say at parties this holiday season. We found that no one knows how to market Up in the Air, despite the fact that it stars the charming George Clooney, it just won the Best Film prize from the National Board of Review, and Jason Reitman is the world’s undisputed king of pie charts. The Grammys released this year’s nominees and, depending on your perspective, their choices were either silly or amusing. From its theme song to its video game to its box-office prospects, nothing about Avatar looks to be game-changing.

Stephenie Meyer was let off the hook. We saw our last episode of FlashForward till March. Sandra Bullock got into the Oscar race, as did The Hurt Locker. ABC thinks Adam Lambert’s name is mud. After Precious got some love from the Indie Spirit Awards, Lee Daniels got a red-carpet surprise. Susan Boyle dominated.

Have a great weekend, everyone! See you at Roman’s place!

Nuts want to take Al Gore’s Oscar away. Jay-Z insisted he made the best album of the decade. Suddenly, no one cares about Chris Weitz’s penis. Chris and Abby Elliott were on the receiving end of an NYT puff piece. Germans turned their backs on Pete Doherty. The world clamored to hear Daniel Day-Lewis’s voice. And finally, Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie got us all kinds of excited.

NBC was sold, but Jeff Zucker had to use up another life to stay on top. James Lipton’s fake beard freaked us out. Neither John Stamos nor Julia Stiles were able to save Broadway. Phoenix may have sold out to Cadillac, but they still sound good in concert and on buses. NPH saved Christmas while Josh Radnor recycled HIMYM.

Week in Review: We Love the Situation