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Will Ferrell Recasts Anchorman 2

“I would love to play Simon Cowell in a movie. It would be my dream role. Simon’s become a legend in five years … It wouldn’t be that hard for me to play him because I see a lot of Ron Burgundy in Simon Cowell. Like Simon, Ron was the biggest thing on TV, loved himself and had that whole irresistible middle-aged man thing going on. I could play Simon, but to be honest Simon could play Ron. They are like long-lost twin brothers separated at birth.” —Will Ferrell [Sun UK]

“Those Americans know how to put on the pants!” —The late Ingmar Bergman’s reaction to watching Jurassic Park [IFC]

“My guess is he would rather have hot pokers burn the top layers of his eyeballs than go on Twitter.” —Jason Reitman on George Clooney [MTV]

“I am very well paid, overpaid and even over-rewarded for what I do.” —Bono [OK! UK]

“I like to make action movies. Just without any action.” —Jim Jarmusch [Telegraph UK]

“I’m not like Orson Welles. I’m a quiet director.” — Richard Linklater [Guardian UK]

“I’m totally under Steve Martin’s wing. He’s done it twice. I’m there to assist, like a magician’s assistant. That’s how I feel. I’m going to wear like a magician’s assistant costume.”Alec Baldwin on his Oscar co-host [Carpetbagger/NYT]

Will Ferrell Recasts Anchorman 2