Brittany Murphy Update: There Is No Update

So, are you still curious as to what exactly caused the untimely death of 32 year-old actress Brittany Murphy last month? So are we! Murphy passed away from as-yet-undetermined causes way back on December 20, at which point we were told that toxicology reports could take up to three four to six weeks (Ed. Note: We jumped the gun a bit, our apologies) to process. Well, it’s not exactly as if we’ve been counting down the days on our calendar or anything, but when we saw her husband Simon Monjack and mother Sharon on the Today Show this morning, we were reminded that it’s now been almost five whole weeks since her death. The interview was quite strange, as both parties repeatedly insisted that Murphy never even as much as touched illegal drugs and Monjack claimed that all of the prescription drugs that were found at the scene were for his personal use (save for the menstrual meds, natch).

However, the strangest and saddest moment of the interview came when Monjack revealed that Murphy became very depressed after Warner Bros. backed out on their offer for her to reprise her role as Gloria in Happy Feet 2 after rumors swirled that the Clueless star was becoming increasingly more difficult to work with. He then went on to bring the names of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars into the story:

“The week before she died, they’re making Happy Feet 2 and she was offered the role of Gloria and Warner Brothers pulled the offer…I would say to Brad Pitt and Mattie Damon who have been offered the movie, really think about Brittany before you do it.”

We’re not sure that laying a guilt trip on Pitt and Damon is the most effective way to get back at Warner Bros., but then again, what do we know? We’ll continue to keep you posted if and when we can finally close the book on Murphy’s tragic passing.

Matt Lauer Interviews Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy [MSNBC]

Brittany Murphy Update: There Is No Update