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Michael Cera on Jersey Shore

After being bumped from its original release date of October 30, 2009, Michael Cera’s Youth in Revolt is opening on over 2,000 screens nationwide this weekend. As a means of getting the word out about his mustache new project, Cera spent some time fist pumping with the cast of Jersey Shore earlier this week. At last night’s Los Angeles premiere of the film, Vulture caught up with him and asked him what it was like to have D.J. Pauly D’s fingers running through his hair (among other things).

What did you learn from the Jersey Shore cast and how do you plan to implement it?
I didn’t learn much. It confirmed a few things I already suspected, which was, like, girls love a really smokin’ body and everybody loves pizza.

And how does that apply to your life?
I already knew. But it was nice to have confirmation.

How long did the makeover actually take?
Well, we all hung out for a long time. For like four hours, but they only did my hair for like a few minutes. It wasn’t the whole time, but it was fun, it was really nice to have Pauly’s fingers in my hair.

Were you surprised at the height it got?
I was really surprised. I didn’t know it was that long. It was really tall. Especially in the middle. For some reason it came to an apex right in the center. I guess my hair hasn’t been cut very evenly.

So you love the show.
I love the show.

And some are saying that if Youth in Revolt has a strong weekend, it could be because of the Jersey Shore promos. How do you feel about that?
I wouldn’t be surprised. If I were watching Jersey Shore and saw a promo for Youth in Revolt it would probably make me go see it, but I can’t be subjective about it.

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Michael Cera on Jersey Shore