Christopher Lee, Heavy-Metal Singer

Have you ever wished Christopher Lee would stop wasting his time in the movies and finally make a “symphonic metal” concept album about Charlemagne? Great news, then, because Christopher Lee is finally making a “symphonic metal” concept album about Charlemagne! The 87-year-old screen legend is putting out Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross on March 15, and he’s hyping the project now. Lee’s released snippets from the album, plus a video where he very grandly (and very slowly) tries to explain himself (and name-checks Manowar!). We’re still a little confused, but apparently the actor is a direct descendant of the King of the Franks, which we guess was enough impetus for a musical biography in a made-up genre with lyrics like “I shed the blood of the Saxon man / I shed the blood of 4,000 Saxon men!” Check out “metal” singer Christopher Lee below.

“ACT I: King of the Franks”

“ACT II: The Iron Crown of Lombardy”

“ACT III: The Bloody Verdict of Verden”

[Via NME]

Christopher Lee, Heavy-Metal Singer

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