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Finally, There Is Someone More Handsome Than Jude Law

“I feel great relief because finally others are entering the limelight. Men like Robert Pattinson must now play the Adonis. For me it was always a restraint, a restriction. My goal was always to be recognized as a good actor, but no one was interested in that, simply because society just wants to warm towards your appearance. This is the great blemish of society — when you suddenly appear on the scene and you are the new face, everything centers on you. I experienced this in my mid-20s and I found it rather hard.” —Jude Law [Sueddeutsche Zeitung via Contact Music]

“Everybody has their own way of doing things and I can only really speak for myself and know that we are making a Season 2 happen.” —Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino on a second season of Jersey Shore [Access Hollywood]

“I really, really want some excuse to be able to rap and go to the mall and go to those kiosk things and go buy bling and experience rapping in front of a car with spinners for the first time. T-Pain agreed to it and flew to Nashville and we were in a sweltering hot, 95-degree parking garage for an entire day shooting — I will never, ever forget that memory.” —Taylor Swift [RS]

“I went in there one night drunk in the studio, and I made a rock record where I was playing the drums and singing this melody and I tracked it. I said, ‘This song would sound crazy if somebody took me seriously.’ So I sent it to Weezer. I ain’t know these guys or nothing. They hit me back and said, ‘We love this song. We want to cut it.’ I said, ‘What? Get the fuck outta here.’ I went to L.A. and met with Rivers, and we hit it off. They put my song on the album. That’s, like, a first. A whole new explosion for me. I was really geeked on that.” —Jermaine Dupri [MTV]

“I was frustrated because I wasn’t really working that much on it and it was six months of my life. My career is going places and I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted to. And I had to live in L.A.” —Amanda Seyfried on quitting Big Love [OK! UK via Contact Music]

Finally, There Is Someone More Handsome Than Jude Law