In China, ‘Avatar’ Cannot Be Contained

The Chinese government is learning the hard way that there is no point in trying to get in the way of the Avatar juggernaut. After the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television said last week that James Cameron’s blockbuster - which has already set the record for world-wide ticket sales - would be pulled from 2D theaters in favor of domestic film “Confucius,” popular demand has resulted in a reversal of the decision.

The Chinese are just so eager to see Jake Sully and his better (blue) half that theater owners in China are disregarding the ruling and showing “Avatar” on their 2D screens, in addition to in their 3D and IMAX theaters. Even in spite of the regulations, the film is destroying “Confucius” at the box office — earning up to 2.5 times as much dough every day.

The lesson for China is that when one of its cities tries to rename a mountain range after a movie featuring blue people, it’s probably best to just not interfere.

China’s Zeal for ‘Avatar’ Crowds Out ‘Confucius’

In China, ‘Avatar’ Cannot Be Contained