Apple’s iPad to Make Kindles As Obsolete As Books

Apple today debuted its much-anticipated iPad, basically a giant iPhone without the camera or all the annoying calls from your family. In addition to features allowing it to play movies and save journalism, it’ll also simulate the experience of reading a book, just like the Kindle — only better, allegedly! Gizmodo has a hands-on review, and they claim the iPad’s color screen make pages appear even more pagelike than the Kindle’s black-and-white one (plus, with the touch screen, you can actually “turn” them).

“It’s an optical illusion, but just seeing the depth of pages makes the iBook app feel more like a book than a Kindle ever did for me. The text is sharp, and while the screen is bright, it doesn’t seem to strains [sic] the eyes.”

Also, says Engadget:

“The ebook implementation is about as close as you can get to reading without a stack of bound paper in your hand. The visual stuff really helps flesh out the experience. It may be just for show, but it counts here.”

With prices starting at $499, the iPad is only twice as expensive as a Kindle, plus it plays video games.

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Apple’s iPad to Make Kindles As Obsolete As Books