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Jake Gyllenhaal Survives Hostile Work Environment

“He walked up to me in the beginning of this movie, and he said [adopts Irish accent], ‘Jake, I just want you to know, you’re playing my little brother in the movie, so I’m going to have to hate you most of the time.’ Honestly, he was like, ‘I fucking hate you!’ But clearly the process worked.” —Jake Gyllenhaal on sibling rivalry with director Jim Sheridan on the set of Brothers [Telegraph UK]

“I came up with it and Matt Groening said, ‘That’s funny, but is any of it going to be in 3-D on ice?’ I was like, ‘Maybe.’ Now, I can say it’s possible you’ll see something on ice, so watch for it. As for 3-D, that’s pretty expensive. Just ask Jim Cameron.” —Morgan Spurlock on The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice [Parade]

“Could I have toilet paper? Does that count? I’d like deodorant. And Chapstick would be good. I’d really want Chapstick. But, I would put toilet paper number one on my list.” —Mila Kunis on essentials in a postapocalyptic world [Parade]

“I find it so all-encompassing when acting that there’s no room for anything else when you’re in it, you’re just locked into thinking about it all day, you go to sleep with it, wake up with it, and when I come back I really need time to recover. It’s really frustrating for my agent because I just won’t read anything else, no scripts, then I miss things. I’m so impressed by these actors who sit there on their BlackBerries right afterwards and organise another film.” —Sophie Okonedo [Guardian UK]

“The one that that really annoys me is how quick people are to link educations and intelligence with class. I got financial aid so I could go to Columbia and it’s natural for me to assume you can be educated and not have a lot of money. Unfortunately it’s also been natural for some people to think that just because we wrote a song called “Mansard Roof” we must be rich, spoiled and completely out of touch. Are they really saying that you should only have access to such mundane information as goddamn roof styles if your parents are investment bankers?” —Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig [Scotsman via Contact Music]

“When I first met him, I stood there giving him the name of Hollywood stars, thinking that there’s no way he could cast a totally unknown and rather pompous Englishman as this great American icon. And now, as people are being very kind to my performance in the reviews, Richard is, I believe, single-handedly paying for one of those ‘For Your Consideration’ adverts.” —Christian McKay on his role in Me and Orson Welles [Envelope/LAT]

Jake Gyllenhaal Survives Hostile Work Environment