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Jenna Fischer to Cheat on Owen Wilson

Cheating Heart: Jenna Fischer is in talks to join Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis in the Farrelly Brothers’s comedy Hall Pass. The story focuses on a wife (Fischer) who gives her husband (Wilson) a “hall pass” to sleep with other women. Sudeikis plays Wilson’s best friend who also gets a “hall pass” from his wife. The whole arrangement begins to fall apart when the women try to use “hall passes” of their own. In the end, everything is patched up on the school bus ride home. [THR]

Sister Sister: ABC has picked up an untitled sitcom project form Friends alum Shana Goldberg-Meehan. Formerly known as Leap Frogs, the show will focus on two sisters, one of whom is unmarried but in a long-term relationship, while the other gets pregnant and marries a guy she barely knows. No word yet on casting but we’re hoping Lisa Kudrow plays both sisters. [THR]

If You Rebuild It, They Will Film: Steven Spielberg plans to team up with the Science Channel to produce a documentary about the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site. Rebuilding Ground Zero, which will be shot in 3D, will focus on the construction of the Freedom Tower along with the park, museum and memorial attached to it. The show will air in six different episodes, ensuring maximum bummers. [Variety]

New Men: After airing only five episodes, TNT’s Men of a Certain Age has been picked up for a second season with a 10-episode order. The show, which stars Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula, explores the friendships of three middle age men. So far the show is averaging 4.4 million viewers, most of whom are disappointed when Bakula doesn’t travel through time. [THR]

Five Years After the Levees Broke: Spike Lee is planning a follow-up documentary to When the Levees Broke for HBO. The untitled sequel, which will debut this summer, will focus on the hurricane’s aftermath. Buy some tissues. [THR]

Jenna Fischer to Cheat on Owen Wilson