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Kristen Bell: Josh Duhamel’s Idiocy Not Too Problematic

“He’s gorgeous. I thought he was so handsome [that] he’s probably an idiot! He’s a little bit of an idiot, but he’s actually a really funny guy. He’s actually on par with all the other comedians … and when they cast him I said no way.” Kristin Bell on When in Rome co-star Josh Duhamel [Contact Music]

“All hail Avatar, yes, but the year’s best picture? Give me a f–king break.” —Roger Ebert [EbertChicago/Twitter]

“I still can’t believe it! It’s hilarious. I actually wish it was another word that I created. I wish it didn’t have ‘booty’ in it.” Beyoncé on “bootylicious” [Allure]

“I haven’t watched the second part yet of Twilight yet, but I understand the fascination with Robert. I think he’s really sexy!” —Hugh Grant [OK! UK]

“I grew up in a system where the studios spent a lot of money on the development of stories and ideas and bought books and they really developed the scripts. That doesn’t happen anymore. Now, if you want good material you have to develop it for yourself or have a hand in the process. I have been determined to do that over the past few years. … I was looking to develop material for myself [and] saw an opportunity to tell a very positive human story and the opportunity to craft for myself a part different to what I’ve normally done and a different genre.” —Harrison Ford on Extraordinary Measures [Fox]

Kristen Bell: Josh Duhamel’s Idiocy Not Too Problematic