Michael Cera Does Not Indulge Ridiculous Interviewers

If you hate-read Deborah Solomon’s “Questions for” column in the New York Times Magazine every week, today’s interview with Michael Cera will stand out as a classic. The 21-year-old has the charming ability to exude politeness while giving stupid questions their appropriate answers. He’s Solomon’s perfect foil:

Solomon: In your new film, you’re more of a Holden Caulfield character, a kid of uncommon sensitivity in a disjointed, junk-filled landscape.

Cera: That’s very nice.

Solomon: Do you see yourself as fundamentally Canadian?

Cera: I don’t know. I’m not stereotypically Canadian. I don’t really follow hockey. I don’t feel like anything other than myself, basically.

Then Solomon criticizes Cera for skiing because it’s dangerous and suggests that he owes his entire critically acclaimed career to a hairline fracture on his nose, because that’s what she does. You can almost see Cera’s eyes rolling while reading it.

Youth Quake: Questions for Michael Cera [NYTM]

Michael Cera Does Not Indulge Ridiculous Interviewers