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Will MTV Do Another Season of Jersey Shore?

It’s almost hard to remember what our lives were like before we were introduced to the myriad wonders of Jersey Shore, but from what we can recall, the pop-culture landscape was a barren wasteland that made The Road look like Pandora by comparison. Making matters even worse, the brain trust at MTV has yet to announce any plans to send the Situation, Snooks, and the rest of the gang back to Sleazeside Heights for more shenanigans next summer. So then, how are we going to cope with the lack of Jersey Shore in our lives after the season finale airs some 36 hours from now?

Fortunately, the pushers at MTV are lining up some special Jersey Shore–related programming that ought to temporarily satiate those of us who are deathly afraid of going off the show cold turkey. First off, a one-hour reunion special — one that was taped just last week — is set to air immediately after the season finale on Thursday night. Additionally, MTV is putting the finishing touches on “Before the Shore,” a special that will repurpose some of the casting tapes that launched the careers of our eight favorite guidos and guidettes.

But what of a sequel? While Shnickers Snooki recently told Us Weekly that there’s been some interest in her proposed spinoff series, Snookin’ For Love, the New York Post reports that “Possible alternatives for a second season of Shore would be to return with a pared down cast, introduce new cast members or to replace the cast entirely, like the Real World, where new housemates are introduced each season.” In other words, MTV still has no idea how to extend this franchise. Let’s hope they figure something out soon!

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Will MTV Do Another Season of Jersey Shore?