NBC Affiliates Are Thrilled the Leno Is Gone

For much of the past four months NBC’s local affiliates and their 11 o’clock news broadcasts have suffered from the low ratings of The Jay Leno Show. If viewers aren’t watching the 10 o’clock broadcast, how are they supposed to see the teasers about deadly household products that keep them around for the news? On February 12th, the nightmare will end for local affiliates and Michael Fiorile, the chairman of NBC’s affiliate board, couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s “a great move for the affiliates, the network and, most importantly, the viewers,” he said in a statement. “We admire their willingness to innovate, and their willingness to change course when it didn’t work for us.”

Obviously NBC didn’t “change course” “for them,” but as long as this leads to more people being aware of exactly which household chemicals might kill their children, it’s a move we should all support.

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NBC Affiliates Are Thrilled the Leno Is Gone