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Timbaland Resolves Not to Waste Time on the Haters in 2010

“The world needs to check themselves. Leave them people alone. Leave me alone. I don’t have beef with nobody. I have real friendships, and real friendships are meant to not always be on the right page, if you are real friends with somebody. OK, America? Don’t get in my personal life. I have too much money, I will find you. … Leave me alone. If you don’t know about Tim Mosley, don’t talk about Tim Mosely. All them Facebooks, Twitter, whatever, whatever, don’t be talking. All that talking behind people’s back … I’m a grown man. I ain’t got time for all that you say, she say. C’mon, man. Stay outta people’s business and just love music.” —Timbaland on gossip [MTV]

“I said, ‘The pants look great, Nancy, but we have to put a white lining underneath them.’ I think they were see-through at first, and they had a lining in them after that. I don’t think [the audience] is ready for that.” —Michael Cera on his tight-fitting new look in Youth in Revolt [MTV]

“Watch the History Channel if you want it literal and historically perfect. Over here, people accept it as being a love story, allowing themselves to be swept away by it, rather than getting too caught up in the details.” —Emily Blunt responds to British criticism of The Young Victoria [LAT]

“Writing plays is like blood sport: bullfighting. All the words: ‘We killed them last night.’ Or ‘The critics slaughtered us.’ All words for the interaction between the audience and the stage are bloody.” —John Guare [Guardian UK]

“When I came up with The Simpsons, that was a very deliberate attempt to follow in the footsteps of Walt Disney. For instance, I made Bart like Mickey Mouse in the sense that he would always be recognizable in silhouette. It was the same thing with the yellow skin. That wasn’t my idea — one of the early animators did it. At first, I didn’t like the idea, but then it occurred to me that if anyone happened to be idly watching the television and they caught a glimpse of this very distinctive yellow, they’d know exactly what they were looking at.” —Matt Groening on all the great ideas that weren’t his [Telegraph UK]

“I can’t name names: I’d be too worried about missing someone out. I remember reading an interview with one of my idols about 15 years ago, and she was asked something similar. She named all these other female artists — everyone around at the time who you could have mentioned — but not me. I was devastated.” —Tori Amos won’t reveal her female influences [Guardian UK]

Timbaland Resolves Not to Waste Time on the Haters in 2010