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Sandra Bullock to Kill Meryl Streep on Live Television

“Meryl’s gonna win, and I’m gonna take her down. When she walks up there you’re gonna see my heel come off, and I’m gonna be like-whoo [mimes throwing]. This heel is gonna take Meryl Streep down. She’s gonna feel no pain after I fling that at her.” Sandra Bullock on this Sunday’s Golden Globes [Tavis Smiley via DHD]

“FUCK NEW YORK TIMES! DO YOU THINK YOU NEED TO GO HERE ON VACATION? HERE IS THE LUSH COASTLINE THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT” M.I.A. on the Times’ selection of Sri Lanka as its top pick in a “31 Places to Go in 2010” feature [Pitchfork]

“If a guy gets shot in the stomach and he’s bleeding like a stuck pig then that’s what I want to see — not a man with a stomach ache and a little red dot on his belly. In general cinema, that’s the biggest attraction. I’m a big fan of action and violence in cinema. That’s why Thomas Edison created the motion picture camera — because violence is so good. It affects audiences in a big way. You know you’re watching a movie.” —Quentin Tarantino [Telegraph UK]

“They spent years on albums, ‘cause they wanted the quality to be so good, and that’s really what I did [with my album].” Heidi Montag on Michael Jackson and the Beatles [MTV]

“The kids never listen to you, especially the youngest ones. I’m in a scene with one little actress and she suddenly started singing. I was like, ‘What are you doing? Am I that boring?’ And she just walked away.” Jackie Chan on acting with children in his upcoming movie, The Spy Next Door [Parade]

Sandra Bullock to Kill Meryl Streep on Live Television