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Adrian Grenier Has a Bad Idea

“I’m surprised that it’s not a two-hour weekly series as it is, because everybody I know who loves the show watches at least three or four episodes back-to-back. One isn’t enough. So why don’t we just call it what it is and make it a two-hour show?” —Adrian Grenier on Entourage [MTV]

“It was Brad [Pitt]’s idea for me to be in [Fight Club]. In the six weeks when you’re up for an Oscar, there’s a little ­window where you’re offered everything. Seventh week, when you haven’t got it, you’re fucked. Forget it. So you have to get in there. I was offered so many nice parts, and I went for Fight Club.” —Helena Bonham Carter [Guardian UK]

“I’ll wear a gunny sack and belt it or a potato sack or trash bag. As long as you belt it, you’re fine.” —Sandra Bullock on Oscar attire [Us]

“He is just like my typical guido juicehead with like a good personality. He’s actually a body builder and works at the gym. I am really excited to like show the public who he is. He is freaking banging. We’re the sexiest couple I have ever seen in my entire life so I am excited for everybody to see that.” —Snooki on her new boyfriend, Emilio Antonio [NYDN]

“I’ve always been a fan of horror movies, like the ones with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. We wanted to pay homage to them. As a kid, I wasn’t watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My earliest recollection of wanting to be an actor was watching Lon Chaney Jr. play the Wolfman. I really wanted to have those big teeth. I finally got the chance. … I think Frankenstein might be one of the classics of all time. I love Dracula, the Bela Lugosi movie. I think if the original Dracula came out now in color, it would take any of these movies, like Twilight, to pieces.” —Wolfman star Benicio Del Toro [Parade]

Adrian Grenier Has a Bad Idea