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Diesel Refuels Riddick Franchise

Riddick-u-lous: Vin Diesel has signed on to star in a third installment of the Chronicles of Riddick series. David Twohy will direct his own screenplay, as he did for the first two films (Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick), and Diesel will co-produce with partner Samantha Vincent. The film will be titled Riddick, indicating Diesel has learned a few things from his article-adverse Fast and Furious franchise. [Variety]

A Film of His Own: Kevin Costner will direct and star in A Little War of Our Own, an action-adventure film for Beacon Pictures set during World War II. The film, written by Dan Gordon, will begin production this fall. Costner will play a sheriff who has to stop a town from erupting in violence… when they realize they’re in a Kevin Costner movie. [Variety]

Very nice!: CBS has ordered an untitled comedy from the team behind Borat and Bruno, Larry Charles and Ant Hines. The semi-scripted show will star English actor Paul Kaye as a Brit who moves to Los Angeles to reconnect with his teenage celebrity daughter, who will probably be really pissed when she finds out her dad isn’t played by Sasha Baron Cohen. [HR]

Denny Skirts Death: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, best known as Denny from Grey’s Anatomy, will star in the psychological thriller The Unblinking Eye, to be directed by Michael Bassett. Morgan will play a homicide detective who becomes a recluse after nearly being murdered by a serial killer. Though given his track record, even if he were murdered, he’d come back as a ghost anyway. [HR]

Mara To Climb Mountain: Kate Mara is in negotiations to join James Franco and Amber Tamblyn in the cast of Fox Searchlight’s 127 Hours, Danny Boyle’s first feature post-Slumdog Millionaire. Mara would play a hiker in the drama, the harrowing tale of a mountain climber (Franco) trapped under a boulder who gets rescued just in time for a joyous Bollywood dance number. [HR]

Diesel Refuels Riddick Franchise