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For Sale: Lil Wayne’s Stinky House

“That’s like waking in Bob Marley’s crib and you still smelling weed and his bed still messed up, and food still on the table. They’re like, ‘Leave all that shit. I want to buy all that shit.’” —Lil Wayne on rumors he’s having trouble selling his Miami home because it smells too much like marijuana [Prefix via Pitchfork]

“[F]rankly … the soup’s kind of been pissed in a little bit by other filmmakers, so I don’t have any personal desire to go back to it. So I certainly wouldn’t want to be a dog in the manger and disallow my friends from making a little money off it. Why would I do that?” —James Cameron on the Terminator franchise [MTV]

“I’m just praying she doesn’t turn into Lauryn Hill and we never get another album.” —Jay-Z on Amy Winehouse [BBC Radio 1 via Contact Music]

“I just have such respect for the man. I took care of him [on the set of Happy Tears] the same way that you would take care of a parent.” —Demi Moore on co-star Rip Torn [NYDN]

“I love nothing more than going to see one of my films for the first time. Without fail, the first thing I think is ‘Is that me?’ You know, I’m sitting there, and then it goes dark and the projection starts and I go, ‘Flipping heck.’ I say to myself, ‘That’s me up there.’” —Ewan McGregor [Parade]

“David [Lynch] was the big love of my life. And I believed that he loved me the same way, but obviously I was mistaken. All my instincts told me we were a happy couple, but we weren’t. … I took therapy. But the thing that helped me the most was time.” —Isabella Rossellini [Die Zeit via Contact Music]

For Sale: Lil Wayne’s Stinky House