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Harrison Ford Loves Airplanes and Cheeseburgers

He’ll fly if you buy.

In a dubious-sounding, yet too tempting to ignore WENN news report, Harrison Ford is supposedly being blasted by environmental activists for something he supposedly said in an interview with a (warning: British!) magazine about his cheeseburger-procuring method of choice:

“Learning to fly was a work of art. I’m so passionate about flying I often fly up the coast for a cheeseburger. Flying is like good music; it elevates the spirit and it’s an exhilarating freedom.”

But Harrison Ford is a known environmentalist who, less than two years ago, inexplicably got his chest waxed for an anti-deforestation PSA! We’re basically just trying to advance this “story” to the point that Harrison Ford has to make an official statement through his spokesperson that he doesn’t really use his plane for burger runs. Stop ruining the environment, Harrison Ford! (Also, shouldn’t PETA join outrage forces with the environmental folks in this matter?)

Harrison Ford Slammed for ‘Unnecessary Flights’
[People in the News/Seattle PI]

Harrison Ford Loves Airplanes and Cheeseburgers