Holiday-Themed Rom Coms to Haunt Us Forever

Roberts and Cooper on set.

Though the star-studded romantic comedy Valentine’s Day hasn’t even hit theaters yet, the sequel is already on its way. The script to the follow-up, titled New Year’s Eve (seriously), has already been penned by Valentine’s Day scribe Katherine Fugate, and will soon be reviewed by Warner Bros. studio execs.

The sequel will reportedly be helmed by Valentine’s Day director Gary Marshall and feature many of the same cast members, a group that includes Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, and like 45 others. It seems we’re stuck with holiday-themed ensemble blockbusters for a long time, you guys: Prepare yourselves for a Selena Gomez–fronted Columbus Day come 2014.

’Valentine’s Day’ Sort-Of-Sequel Underway [DHD]

Holiday-Themed Rom Coms to Haunt Us Forever