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Oscar Producer Won’t Leave Gym

The Academy Awards are but a month away, and where is telecast producer Adam Shankman right now? At the gym, according to his Twitter. In fact, Shankman has been pumping so much iron lately, it’s a wonder he finds the time to do any Oscar-producing at all. A Vulture investigation, after the jump.

As recently as June, Shankman was flabby and weak-willed and needed the help of his Twitter followers to decide between exercise and pancakes:

In fact, last summer, his workouts seemed to be monthly occurrences:

On October 20, Shankman and Bill Mechanic were announced as the producers of the 2010 Oscars, which meant, initially at least, he had little time for exercise. (His Twitter feed contains no mention of “the gym” between September and November.)

Notice, though, that as the Academy Awards draw closer, Shankman’s workouts become more frequent:

Is he using exercise just to avoid work?

It kinda seems like it:

He actually sounds like he’s cracking up a little today:

In conclusion, March 7’s Oscar ceremony will be poorly planned, but if he hears you say that, a muscle-ripped Adam Shankman will crush your skull in his bare hands.

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Oscar Producer Won’t Leave Gym