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Jake Gyllenhaal to Do His Bare-Chested Sword Fighting in Closed-Toe Footwear

“This is not a swords and sandals epic. It’s definitely not that. None of us wear sandals in this movie. I made a very conscious decision and it was very important to me that I did not wear sandals.” —Jake Gyllenhaal on Prince of Persia [FemaleFirst]

“It’s been years since I got my ear pierced but people still talk about it. I had no idea people would be so overjoyed, but I did it for myself because I wanted it. I never thought of it as an element of style. I was sitting having lunch with two guys my own age who both had earrings. And after drinking one or two glasses of white wine too many, I said, ‘Why shouldn’t I have an earring?’” —Harrison Ford [Daily Mail UK]

“I was riding side saddle with this 400 pound costume on and I always carried around this Bulgarian body guard … It had been raining and we rode up this muddy embankment and suddenly the horse was being temperamental. He reared up and I felt majestic on top until his whole ass slid underneath him and he started to roll over on one side. I thought for sure this was going to crush my legs and out of nowhere my Bulgarian bodyguard flew in and stop, dropped, and he rolled, and he carried me sailing through the air! I knew he would save my life one day, and he did.” —Scarlett Johansson on shooting The Other Boleyn Girl [Contact Music]

“No, I don’t rewatch [my films] at all. It’s not really a fun experience, because all I see is things that I feel ‘OK we did fix that and get that right, but that bit’s not as I’d like’. That’s no fun at all.” —Wes Anderson [Independent UK]

“It’s one of those things I can’t tell you about, because you got to see and dissect it for yourself. I mean, what can you ask of genius?” —Timbaland on his creative process [Times UK]

“If I had seen Twilight, I might not have hired him. He is so limited by the kinds of traits he has to express. It’s not that psychologically complex.” —Remember Me director Allen Coulter on leading man Robert Pattinson [Virgin]

“It’s Edward Scissorhands. That’s by far my kids’ favorite. They just connect with the character and also they see something, their dad feeling that isolation, feeling that loneliness. He’s a tragic character and so I think it’s hard for them. They bawl when they see that movie.” —Johnny Depp [People]

Jake Gyllenhaal to Do His Bare-Chested Sword Fighting in Closed-Toe Footwear