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Megan Fox a Better Actress Than No-Talents Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood, Says Mickey Rourke

“[Megan Fox is] probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with. … The Wrestler was quite tough. There wasn’t much chemistry there. … With Megan and I [in Passion Play], there’s a lot of chemistry and a lot of respect.” —Mickey Rourke [PopWatch/EW]

“I’ll come back in Ghostbusters III only if I get to be a ghost. I said to them, ‘I’ll do it if you kill me off in the first reel.’ So now they are going to have me as a ghost in the film.” —Bill Murray [Mail on Sunday UK]

“The sex scenes with Uma [Thurman] are kind of disturbing. Her character kind of uses sex as a sort of weapon and my character thinks like an animal. There’s a lot of sex scenes in this film, so I’m asking quite a lot of myself, and with lots of different people as well.” —Robert Pattinson on his upcoming film Bel Ami [Daily Record UK via MTV]

“Well, I have been approached [by] … Jack White. I’ve thought about doing [a recording] with [Jack]. He seems to be a fan but who knows. You never know what I might do.” —Dolly Parton [Spinner]

“Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams thought it would be cool to set Jack up as the hero, and then kill him off in the second episode. But various people told them they thought this would be a bad idea.” —Lost’s Matthew Fox [IMDB]

“About 10 hours ago, an internet hoax started that said Bill Cosby is dead. The announcement of me being dead may be a VIRUS. And now ladies and gentlemen for my rebuttal. As you well know, a dead person cannot rebuttal. Therefore, I am rebuttaling to tell you that when I heard the news I immediately began rebuttaling and went into denial. My wife has just informed me that there is no such word as rebuttaling, she says the word is rebutting. But I don’t care, because I’m alive! Thank you. PS. That’s another thing dead people don’t say.” —Bill Cosby [BillCosby]

“I’m not having anyone with ginger hair making music. I can’t go down that road. I’m sure she’s a nice girl but she sounds like someone has stood on her fucking foot.” —Liam Gallagher on Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine [Sun UK via NME]

“You’ve got to lean into it, stick your arm all the way down his throat. He can’t swallow it because he’s gagging on your arm. You reach in, you grab a handful of something — guts, the back of its throat, whatever you can hold — and pull it out.” —Bruce Willis on how to kill a wolf [Men’s Journal via Contact Music]

Megan Fox a Better Actress Than No-Talents Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood, Says Mickey Rourke