Megan Fox’s Thumb Double

Thumbs up!

When Megan Fox was at the apex of her hotness last summer, a troubling story about her came to light, one that threatened to knock her from magazine covers and conversations about the sexiest women alive for the rest of her days. The story? Fox suffers from brachydactyly, a rare condition which is probably better known as a clubbed thumb. Well, it turns out that teenage boys everywhere didn’t seem to mind much about her wonky thumbs, and Fox managed to hold onto her status as one of her generation’s biggest sex bombs. However, Fox currently finds herself embroiled in another controversy, as it has come to light that the Jennifer’s Body star appears to have employed a thumb double in her Super Bowl commercial!

Much to the chagrin of fellow brachydactyly sufferers the world over, either Fox or Motorola insisted on having someone else’s thumbs appear in some of the close-up shots in her Super Bowl commercial last night. While our eyes were immediately drawn to the airbrushing done on her right arm so that her infamous Marilyn Monroe tat would not appear on national television, those sleuthy Brits over at the Daily Mail were trained on Fox’s less-than-perfect thumbs the whole time. This controversy is only just now starting to bubble up, but we are quite confident that by the time all is said and done, the whole Janet Jackson scandal will look like small potatoes in comparison. Developing …

Megan Fox enrols a ‘hand double’ as she peels off for sexy Super Bowl advert [Daily Mail UK]

Megan Fox’s Thumb Double