performances of the week

The Nard Dog, Bob Dylan, Betty White and More

What were the great performances of the last seven days of TV? From a haunting reimagining of a classic song to a ringing tackle of a classic TV star, the top five moments are all here in Vulture’s new video feature, “Performances of the Week.”

In this installment:

Bob Dylan at PBS’s civil-rights commemorative concert, singing a spooky, piano-driven version of “The Times They Are A-Changing” in the White House itself.

The Office’s Ed Helms as Andy, delivering a company-wide e-mail via extremely awkward speech.

Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen leading a reunion of his eighties hard-core band at his daughter’s wedding reception. “You hear that, Alexander Haig?!”

Betty White playing pickup football in the awesome Snickers Super Bowl ad that affirmed her revival. Next stop, SNL — if Facebook has anything to do with it.

And American Idol contestant Andrew Garcia turning “Straight Up” into a folk-pop jam. It’s a shame Paula wasn’t there to hear it.

The Nard Dog, Bob Dylan, Betty White and More