Pickles Prove More Popular Than Nickelback

Everybody wins in the battle of Pickleback versus Nickelback.

Although we may not have been able to fully throw the weight of our support behind the Betty White to host SNL (please?)! Facebook group, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are averse to the charms of social-media phenomena. Take, for example, the group Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback? When we first heard news of the group a few weeks back, we immediately signed up for the cause, as did some 1.46 million other users of the network. Well, now that the weathered old cucumber juicy dill pickle pictured above has overtaken the popularity of Billboard’s Rock Group of the Decade, front man Chad Kroeger doesn’t seem to be taking the news so well.

Earlier this afternoon, Facebook user Coral Anne, the woman who started this group, received a Facebook message from Chad Kroeger (or someone pretending to be him):

Does this mean that Chad Kroeger is going to petition Mark Zuckerberg (or one of his minions) to have this page pulled off Facebook forever? Quite possibly! We’re not sure what sort of grounds that Kroeger would rest his case on, but either way, he does not appear to be a happy camper at the moment. Cheer up, Chad, at least you lost to a big, flavor-drenched dill and not some mini, tasteless Gherkin!

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Pickles Prove More Popular Than Nickelback