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Orlando Bloom Gets Creepy With His Patient

Dr. Feelbad: Orlando Bloom has signed on to star in the indie-drama The Good Doctor. A slew of other actors including Michael Pena, Taraji P. Henson and J.K. Simmons are also in negotiations to star. The Lance Daly-directed film is being described as a Hitchcockian thriller about a frustrated doctor eager to impress his colleagues. When a particular patient gives him the praise and attention he desperately craves, he screws with her treatment so she has to spend more time in the hospital with him. It’s Bloom’s creepist role since Elizabethtown. [HR]

Headlines Don’t Sell Papes, Matthew Broderick Sells Papes: By greenlighting the pilot Beach Lane today, NBC did what no one thought possible. It brought Matthew Broderick to TV. The multicamera sitcom, which is written by NewsRadio alum Paul Simms, will star Broderick as a famous author hired by a small-town newspaper in the Hamptons, where he’s charged with restoring glory to two faded institutions—journalism and Billy Joel. [THR]

String Man: Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin and Billy Crudup will star together in The Convincer, an indie crime drama that will begin shooting next week. Jill Sprecher, who co-wrote with her sister Karen Sprecher, is directing the story of a desperate insurance salesman who tries to get a hold of a rare violin, only to run into a heap of trouble. That’s what happens in the cutthroat world of rare stringed instruments. [THR]

Producer In the Wind: Elton John has slapped his name on he upcoming Broadway production of Next Fall, a play about “the happiness, strains and religious differences between two gay men over the course of their five-year romantic relationship.” John’s role is essentially to give money to the production and to use his famous name to get people to come to the theater. It’s official—Elton John is the new Jay-Z. [Arts Beat/NYT]

Wilde on Bond: Oliva Wilde is in negotiations to star alongside Daniel Craig in Jon Favreau’s sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens. Wilde would play a character named Ella who teams up with a gunslinger (Craig) in to fight an alien invasion. Spolier: There will be sexual tension and eventually they’ll kiss [Heat Vision/HR]

Orlando Bloom Gets Creepy With His Patient