Oscar nominees told to prep two speeches

Sandra Bullock at today’s luncheon.

At today’s annual luncheon for this year’s group of Oscar nominees, the show’s producers told the 121 nominees they should prepare two speeches for the big night on March 7: one 45-second speech for the audience on “what the Oscar means to them,” and then a second speech to be given backstage to a “Thank You Cam” during which the winner can thank specific people.

The typical acceptance speeches - in which winners thank every family member, agent, crew member and hair stylist to ever have brushed past them - are “the single most-hated thing on the show,” producer Bill Mechanic said, urging the nominees to save the names for the backstage cam.

The backstage video will be posted online, co-producer Adam Shankman said, telling the nominees they could e-mail them to friends or even post them on their Facebook pages. At which point Meryl Streep asked if TwitVids would also be acceptable.

Nominees told to prep two speeches for Oscar night [Reuters]

Oscar nominees told to prep two speeches