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Paul Rudd Was the Guest on a Fake Talk Show

Last night, Bro’In Out — a mock talk show hosted by comedian-about-town Leo Allen with first sidekick Tony Camin and second sidekick/bartender Jawnee Conroy — stopped by 92YTribeca with special guests Paul Rudd and Steve “that guy from The Sopranos” Schirripa. It was a sloppy affair, but did have its moments, five of which we’ve listed below. (Also, as our female pal accurately pointed out, “Paul Rudd was cute.”)

1. Jawnee Conroy (who, and we’re pretty sure this wasn’t a joke, is in that one Dunkin’ Donuts commercial saying “Breakfast’s here.”) interrupting Allen and Camin’s Oscar chatter to yell “Sandra Bullock! It’s about fucking time!”

2. Paul Rudd said he had photos from the set of his new movie, Dinner for Schmucks, then showed various stills of Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis, Jemaine Clement, and his own mother seated in front of what appeared to be the bottom half of a naked man. Apparently it’s this thing where you hold your fingers over the iPhone camera a certain way, although we couldn’t really get it to work when we tried it later at home.

3. This exchange, presented out of context:
Camin: I was in Paris. I just hop on the Concorde and go.
Rudd: Let me ask you … has it been an inconvenience at all that they’ve grounded all Concorde flights for something like ten years?
Camin: Well, I fly out of Teterboro.

4. The second guest was Jon Glaser (former Conan writer, now doing Adult Swim’s Delocated) playing a “dreamedian,” which is a comedian who tells jokes based on his dreams. Basically, he’d go into elaborate setups where he’d lay out every detail of these banal dreams, and then he’d end with super-hacky punch lines like “They should have made the whole plane out of the black box!” and “Yo Quiero Taco Bell? More like Yo Quiero diarrhea!” Uproarious.

5. Steve Schirripa told two separate stories, one about Scott Stapp acting like a drunk asshole and one about Frank Sinatra acting like a drunk asshole. So, yeah, Steve Schirripa is awesome, it turns out.

Paul Rudd Was the Guest on a Fake Talk Show