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Gilmore Girls Fans Weird Alexis Bledel Out, Too

“I don’t read a lot of fan mail because some of it is a little strange. That was especially true when I was doing Gilmore Girls.” —Alexis Bledel [Parade]

“The worst thing [about wearing fangs for Daybreakers] was that I loved my fangs because they were fitted to my real teeth, and I could put them on and they were really cool for parties and things like that, but my daughter borrowed them for Halloween and she took them off and she accidentally dropped them down the sink and they’re gone forever. And they were pearl and they were so cool. Kids today.” —Ethan Hawke [HuffPo]

“I was like ‘Yo, I want to sign that right there. She needs to be under my umbrella.’ [Interscope chairman] Jimmy [Iovine] was like ‘Yeah, whatever you want. Take her. Let’s get it done.’ And she just blossomed into a super megastar, man … She’s pretty much retired me.” —Akon on Lady Gaga, who is signed to his KonLive imprint at Interscope [HuffPo]

“It never occurred to me that there was any issue about playing gay until Julianne kissed me and I had to resist. Julianne made that moment very difficult as I wasn’t supposed to enjoy it. That was the one moment when Tom Ford had to get on my case. He said: ‘You’re supposed to be a gay man! Jesus Christ! Keep your hands to yourself and get your tongue out of her face.’” —Colin Firth [Hello]

“People assume that I’m a bitch. But I don’t think that I am. I just don’t feel I have to be that enthusiastic if I don’t know who you are yet.” —Rihanna [AZCentral]

“[The Jersey Shore cast members] were out one night and a friend of mine introduced me. I’m a fan of the show. I think it’s hilarious.” —Leonardo DiCaprio [MTV]

Gilmore Girls Fans Weird Alexis Bledel Out, Too