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Johansson Expectorated On

“We’re really close to one another and we have these scenes [in the play A View From the Bridge] where he’s getting really upset and there’s a lot of rage. A couple of weeks ago we were doing this scene. He’s right here [in my face] and he’s screaming at me and all of a sudden — it happened almost in slow motion — I saw it. These pearls of spittle. And then this one asteroid of a loogie [landed on my forehead] made that flicking sound. Any normal person would wipe it away but I felt this show must go on … he saw it, I saw it. It was awful.” —Scarlett Johansson on co-star Liev Schreiber [AOL TV]

“[I]t’s typical of Hollywood to get it wrong. We do a film that’s natively authored in 3D — it’s shot in 3D. So they assume from the success of that, that they can just turn movies into 3D. In 8 weeks. You know, just throw a switch on 3D and that’s gonna work somehow. If you wanna make a movie in 3D, MAKE the movie in 3D. It should be a filmmaker-driven process and not a studio-driven process.” —James Cameron [MTV via FilmDrunk]

“Well you know, I didn’t kill her, so as far as we know Elle Driver is still in the Kill Bill universe waiting to get her revenge … I don’t know, I haven’t let myself go there yet, but she is in the world out there so that could happen.” —Quentin Tarantino on Daryl Hannah [WENN via Contact Music]

“Oh man, I really want to kick myself in the face for Glee because I kind of did the stupid actor thing where you go, ‘Okay, I’m at a certain point in my life now where I only want to play this guy or that guy.’ When Glee was casting, I thought, ‘I’m too old to be a student. I need to stop playing high-school kids.’ … Now I’m, like, at the back door knocking, ‘Can I please come in and play on the Glee set because I beat box, I sing, I dance.’ If music’s gonna be involved, that’s my thing. I got my start in the Off-Broadway cast of Altar Boyz, so I’m like pitching ideas daily to Glee. I think it’s such a unique show. God, I love it. So there you have my regrets. I’ve laid them out on the table.” —Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights and Caprica [Parade]

“There were times when I was with my son and I was wondering how long I would have to spend before I could go off and get pissed. Now — two hours in the pub, then I get bored. I was at that party for long enough.” —Colin Farrell [IrishExaminer]

“I am down. I wanna do it. … The story absolutely warrants two films. But I think you could do it with one. It just depends. It would be much more satisfying to do [two films], because we wouldn’t have to drop so much of the story; it wouldn’t be like, ‘Well, we didn’t get to do this scene, this scene or this scene.’ You’d get less of that — which would be good.” —Kristen Stewart on the final Twilight installment [MTV]

Johansson Expectorated On