Steven Tyler Might Sue If Aerosmith Replaces Him

Earlier last month, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry admitted that the band was on the hunt for a new front man following some in-fighting between Steven Tyler and the other aero-dudes. Tyler is not pleased about this. A letter sent by his attorney to the band’s manager says Aerosmith must “immediately cease and desist from engaging in acts and conduct to the harm and detriment of your own client, Aerosmith, and our client who is one of it members.” In an interview with Billboard, Tyler’s lawyer Skip Miller seemed offended at the very notion that Aerosmith might try to replace his client and suggested that if they move forward with their plans to do so, a lawsuit will be on the horizon. Then Miller said something to remind the band just why they wanted to replace Tyler in the first place:

“Can you imagine the manager of the Rolling Stones calling for the replacement of Mick Jagger? It’s just absurd…Tyler is very unique, distinctive. Steven is Aerosmith, along with the others. He’s the guy the public knows. He’s the singer.”

There is no love left in this elevator. (Alternate bad jokes: 1. If Tyler thinks the band is ever getting back together, he can dream on. 2. Poor Steven Tyler, he just can’t stop cryin’. 3. It’s easy to understand where Tyler is coming from. He just doesn’t want to miss a thing.)

Exclusive: Steven Tyler Could Sue To Stop Aerosmith Replacement Singer

Steven Tyler Might Sue If Aerosmith Replaces Him