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This Week in Rap Beef: Raaaaaaaandy Dominates

Feuding lawyers! Rekindled friendships! Fake rappers! All this and more in our latest installment of TWiRB.

3. Freeway versus Just Blaze
Say What? Just Blaze produced most of Freeway’s first album but was MIA for 2007’s Free at Last, causing Free to politely but sternly call out his friend’s flakiness on the album’s “It’s Over.”
The Takeaway: After a series of flirty tweets, the pair appear to have fully made up, with Just tweeting “wonders what a JB/Philadelphia freeway 2011 album would sound like,” and Freeway adding, “We probably gotta do a Freeway/Just Blaze album sponsored by Twitter.” Ah, Twitter, you truly are all powerful.

2. Tony Yayo versus Max B’s lawyer
Say What? This summer, second-rate 50 Cent hanger-on Tony Yayo criticized Gerald M. Saluti, the lawyer for Harlem rapper Max B, for Saluti’s attention-courting behavior during his client’s trial for felony murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery. Yayo recently repeated his accusations, saying, “the lawyer was an asshole … he’s blogging with big cigars.”
The Takeaway: Seeing as Max B ended up with a 75-year sentence, Yayo is actually on point here. Rest assured that this will be the only time we ever publicly support the actions of Tony Yayo.

1. Raaaaaaaandy versus all the rappers
Say What?Aaaaaaaangry,” the first single off Raaaaaaaandy’s mixtape with Dave Sitek, is a vicious takedown of pretty much every popular rapper around.
The Takeaway: To date, no rapper has had the gall to step up to Raaaaaaaandy. And if they know what’s good for them, they’ll continue to lay low.

This Week in Rap Beef: Raaaaaaaandy Dominates