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Nothing Funny About Vince Vaughn’s Singing Career

“What’s so funny about that? When you think of raising money with singing, obviously I’m going to be sitting there.” —Vince Vaughn on his “We Are the World” participation [MTV]

“Demi and I decided that we were going to spend Valentine’s Day with Bruce [Willis] and [his wife] Emma [Heming]. So it was me, Demi, Bruce and Emma, which is great because we’re all best friends and we all hang out. I got to be in charge of booking the restaurant. It was February 14th and we weren’t in Hollywood, where I have a little clout making reservations. So I’m like calling around, trying to pull any kind of juice that I can to get a table. But, I hate dropping my own name, so I’m like, ‘Yes, I’m calling from Mr. Kutcher’s office, he would like a reservation.’ And literally every place was booked and so we ended up sitting at the bar some place.” —Ashton Kutcher on Valentine’s Day [Parade]

“He’s actually meaner than I thought.” —Ellen DeGeneres on Simon Cowell [ET]

“She was looking at me almost like a zoo animal. It wasn’t like I was her daughter anymore. She was looking at me like I was a circus freak.” —Heidi Montag on reuniting with her mother for the first time post-plastic surgery [People]

“With Meryl, when this whole thing started, I left her a voice mail going, ‘You’ve got to watch your back. I’m gonna cut you. I’m gonna take you down.’ And then she sent me dead orchids and told me to die, so I sent her a case of liquor and told her to toast to white trash.” —Sandra Bullock on her and Meryl Streep’s Oscar nominations [AP via Us]

“I once dated a guy who was like, ‘Holy shit, I just made out with Harriet the Spy!’ And that’s messed up. Don’t say that. I was 10, you’re 30, it’s just weird.” —Michelle Trachtenberg [Complex]

Nothing Funny About Vince Vaughn’s Singing Career