Which of the Four Upcoming John DeLorean Biopics Are You Most Excited For?

For reasons not entirely clear, the daughter of John DeLorean announced today that she, too, is working on a movie about her father — which would make hers the fourth biopic on the late automaker in development (though only the second with the backing of a DeLorean family member): “Other producers have asked me to back their projects on behalf of the DeLorean estate,” says Kathryn DeLorean. “We felt this was the team to tell the right story the right way. This is the definitive John DeLorean movie. We wanted to ensure my father’s story was handled properly.” Naturally, then, she’s hired Thomas Fenton (Saw IV) to write the script.

Kathryn’s brother, Zachary DeLorean, is supporting another biopic, which would be co-written and directed by Alex Holmes, whose most notable filmmaking credit so far is the 2008 four-episode HBO miniseries House of Saddam. “There are other producers out there trying to make a movie about my father,” Zachary told Variety last August, “but this is the only one I’m standing behind, and the only one the DeLorean estate is allowing.” So he’s probably thrilled by today’s development!

The other films he was referring to are the James Toback–scripted, Robert Evans–produced DeLorean biopic that Brett Ratner wants to direct, and the one from producer David Permut (Face/Off, Youth in Revolt) using the life rights of the Mayer Morganroth, DeLorean’s lawyer.

Will all of these actually happen? We are skeptical! DeLorean’s story is an interesting one — he designed the car from Back to the Future and was later arrested on drug-trafficking charges following a wacky attempt to raise funds for his failing company (he was acquitted after successfully arguing he was the victim of FBI entrapment) — though we’re not sure it would make for more than, say, three decent movies. In any case, it’s a great day to be an actor vaguely resembling John DeLorean. We bet Terence Stamp’s phone is ringing off the hook.

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Which of the Four Upcoming John DeLorean Biopics Are You Most Excited For?