Who Should Play Michael Scott’s New Love Interest?

According to a report from Michael Ausiello, Michael Scott, the co-manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch and the company’s highest-ranking employee, is getting a new love interest this season! Showrunner Paul Lieberstein, who also plays Toby, shed some light on how Michael lands his lady:

“It’s one of these set-ups where a bunch of people go out and you don’t know you’re being set up.” When Michael discovers what’s going on, “he kind of flips out and goes into ‘date mode,’” says Lieberstein. “And it goes in a weird direction from there.”

The role hasn’t been cast yet, so we drew up some suggestions of who should be the “she” in “that’s what she said.”

The Boston accent Julianne Moore attempted as Jack Donaghy’s high school flame on 30 Rock was more wack than wicked. The much simpler Scranton dialect shouldn’t be a problem.

Michael wants children, which is part of the reason he broke up with Pam’s menopausal mom. You know who else likes kids? Heidi Klum!

Jane Seymour let Owen Wilson touch her boobs in Wedding Crashers. We bet she’d like Michael get in on that too.

Hilary Swank. Because she’s hot.

We loved Amy Ryan as his non-Flenderson HR love interest and Carrell had great non-chemistry with Idris Elba. Producers should look to other stars of The Wire. We’ll start with Deirdre Lovejoy, who played assistant state attorney Rhonda Pearlman, just because Michael would almost certainly call her firecrotch.

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Who Should Play Michael Scott’s New Love Interest?