A Serious Exploration of the Tantric Sex in Avatar

“Wanna sex gaze?”

On the Daily Beast, writer Asra Q. Nomani argues that Avatar was influenced by and is completely faithful to the tenets of the ancient practice of Tantra. It’s kind of long and involved (and convincing!), but the sex parts were giggle-inducing, like:

Avatar’s climax is actually not the Tantric sex of their consummation, but a moment that comes later, when they do something modern-day Tantric sex experts call “soul gazing,” and racier sexperts call “sex gazing.”

The more you know! Nomani also gets into the Tantric significance of Jake’s blue skin (there’s something in Tantra called “the Blue Man”) and tries to explain that confounding aspect of the movie where the characters appear to, um, (in our words not hers), have non-consensual sex with dragons. Turns out the “taming of animals” is part of the Tantric hero’s journey! It’s still pretty creepy, though.

The Tantric Sex in Avatar [Daily Beast]

A Serious Exploration of the Tantric Sex in Avatar