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Acting in New Russell Crowe Movie As Dangerous As Being Russell Crowe’s Hotel Clerk

“It’s scary stuff. We had 15 people carried off the battle field at one point. One guy got his eye poked out with a pike. Another guy broke an arm and a leg falling off a horse. A number of other people had their wills broken because it was violent and anarchic. Totally crazy.” —Russell Crowe on filming Robin Hood [ShowbizSpy]

“It’s completely opposite from the way I usually make a film. Usually the first thing I know is the vibe and feel of a scene. It’s the first thing you see. Now it’s the last thing you see. It’s like actually being in Alice in Wonderland. It’s completely fucked up. … This is completely ass-backward.” —Tim Burton on shooting Alice in Wonderland [Interview]

“I think the Pattinson community is going insane. All I want to say is, ‘He’s not available!’ It’s not like we snubbed him. It’s not like we said no to him. We asked him to be in the show. We tried really really hard to get him there. We were working on getting Summit to fly him in for the day, but eventually it became too much.” —Oscar producer Adam Shankman [E!]

“I was doing research for The Paper at the New York Daily News, sitting around with a bunch of editors, and somebody mentioned Opie. I said, ‘Look, can you guys do me one favor? Please, if I get hit by a car or die in a plane crash, don’t use a headline like ‘Opie bites it’ or ‘Opie’s final scene.’ The next day one of the editors came up to me and said, ‘You know, we understand how you feel, but that headline is just too damn good. We could never promise not to use it.’” —Ron Howard [Parade]

“I am what I am. Everyone’s biding their time and one day will be your last and your life will be over. It’s getting worse and worse and then you die.” —Mel Gibson [German TV via Contact Music]

Grease XXX is an ambitious project that I have been developing for a couple of years now. It’s going to be completely different from anything you’ve ever seen in porn … the songs are absolutely incredible, and the dance numbers will be handled by a top Hollywood choreographer. And, of course, there will be plenty of great sex!” —Porn director Axel Braun (auditions are March 8) [OfficialWire]

“Just the mere mention of Jay Leno’s name makes me to want to vomit.” —Howard Stern [DailyNews]

“I learned two things from [the ‘I’m allergic to vaginas’ Details] interview. Never try to make a joke during a print interview and never do interviews, ever. … [But] I do have an actual allergy. It’s terrible. It’s a curse. … [Later] I think Betty White is one of the sexiest women in America.” —Robert Pattinson [View via HuffPo]

Acting in New Russell Crowe Movie As Dangerous As Being Russell Crowe’s Hotel Clerk