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AP: Conrad Murray Allegedly Halted CPR

An AP report out tonight casts further doubt on Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal doctor already charged with involuntary manslaughter, claiming Murray stopped performing CPR on the late singer and waited to call 911 so that he could collect and hide various drugs at the scene. According to testimony from Jackson’s logistics director Alberto Alvarez given last June, when Alvarez arrived to the mansion after having been called by Murray, he found the doctor giving Jackson CPR, claiming the pop royal had had a “bad reaction.” (Murray would eventually be charged with administering a fatal dose of Propofol.)

At this point, Murray stopped the CPR and gave Alvarez a handful of vials with rubber tops, instructing him to put them in a plastic bag, which he should then put in a brown canvas bag, according to the AP.

“Alvarez said Murray then told him to remove an IV bag from a stand and put it in a blue canvas bag,” the AP reports. “He did, and noticed the bag had a connector with a milky white substance in it. Alvarez didn’t say what happened to the bags, nor did he identify what was in the vials.”

And it gets creepier! The documents obtained by the AP describe an encounter after Jackson was declared dead in which Murray said he had to return immediately to Jackson’s mansion to get “cream” that Jackson had “so the world wouldn’t find out about it,” with no other details given.

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AP: Conrad Murray Allegedly Halted CPR