Chloë Sevigny Backtracks on ‘Awful’ Comment

A couple days after Chloë Sevigny told the AV Club that the last season of Big Love was “awful,” she has apologized and said she actually thinks it’s the best show on TV. Really, she does. In an interview with EW’s Michael Ausiello, Sevigny blamed exhaustion, press junkets, and a reporter who “provoked” her and took her “out of context” for the dis.

I love the show. I think it’s the greatest show on television. I think it’s the weirdest show. I think it is very complex and the content is amazing and it’s just very ironic that this statement would come out and blow so out of control. Because I feel absolutely the opposite.

Unfortunately for Sevigny, blaming the reporter was probably a bad move. Especially since he recorded their conversation. Sean O’Neal, the AV Club reporter who interviewed Sevigny, posted an audio snippet of his conversation with her that shows pretty clearly that she was neither “provoked” nor “taken out of context.” She doesn’t really sound tired, either.

’Big Love’ exclusive: Chloë Sevigny expresses regret, blames exhaustion on her ‘awful’ outburst [EW]

Chloë Sevigny Backtracks on ‘Awful’ Comment